If  you provide internet related services and are looking for additional products to offer your customers or if you've been looking for an online business with unlimited earnings potential, no inventory to carry, and minimal start-up costs, becoming a MonsterPops.com reseller might be right for you.


Once you are a MonsterPops.com reseller you will be able to make unlimited traffic purchases at wholesale prices. You can then either resell the traffic as an "Authorized MonsterPops.com Reseller" (subject to approval and certain terms and conditions) or you can create your own brand and resell the traffic for any amount that you wish. In either case your customers will have access to their own campaign stats through their own admin area. You will provide support for your customers, but we're here if you need us! 


If you would like to market advertising campaigns as an Authorized MonsterPops.com Reseller we require that you resell advertising at our current retail rates (which are subject to change from time to time). We will also provide graphics and/or text for you to use on your site showing that you are an authorized reseller. All resellers wishing to market our products as an "Authorized MonsterPops.com Reseller" are subject to approval and review from time to time. We also reserve the right to revoke the right to sell as an "Authorized MonsterPops.com Reseller" should we feel that such is necessary and/or in the best interests of MonsterPops.com and/or its other reseller.


All advertising campaigns are subject to the Advertiser Agreement. If you aren't familiar with it, please click here and it will open in a new window so that you can read it. Then close the window to return to this page. 


While resellers are welcome to run traffic campaigns to promote their own businesses, reseller accounts are available and created for the purpose of reselling campaigns to others. MonsterPops.com reserves the right to suspend any reseller account if, in our sole discretion, it appears that the reseller  account is being used by an end user who is not in the business of offering traffic campaigns to others. 


If you would like to see the demo reseller area, please go to http://ads.monsterpops.com/advertisers and enter:

username - resellerdemo 
password - demo.


There is a $50.00 set-up fee to become a MonsterPops.com reseller. To get started, just click on the PayPal button. 



If you have any other question regarding the regular reseller account, please contact us at reseller@monsterpops.com