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Humble Beginnings

Rumors swirl around about when the very first Monster Pop was made. Some say it was first thought up by top popologists. Others say it was in 2009 when the first one rolled off the line. Regardless of truth, you can always count on HUGE value, HUGE flavor and HUGE pops. First flavors of Monster Pop? - Cherry Pineapple - Cherry Lemon

We’re All Over

More than 161 million individual Monster Pops are distributed throughout the US every year. If you converted that to miles, you could get halfway to the moon! How awesome would it be if you could eat Monster Pops in space? Maybe eating a Rocket Pop can be close enough.

Top Of The Pack, Bottom Of The Freezer

A big selling point for Monster Pops is that you get 2X more pop than the other guys. With that much going on, you know the flavors are going to be an even bigger deal. It’s why we aren’t surprised that our top seller is Cherry Pineapple. Is that your favorite too?

What’s Even Cooler…

It takes about 15 minutes to create a Monster Pop where it is then transported to our freezer that can hold 45 million pops! When it’s humid outside, the freezer is so large that it starts to snow inside! We know a thing or two about keeping your pops frozen.


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When was the first Monster Pop made?

It was made in 2009, the first flavors were Cherry Pineapple & Cherry Lemon

What's the most popular Monster Pop flavor?

Cherry Pineapple

How many Monster Pops are distributed yearly?


How long does it take to make a Monster Pop?

15 minutes

How big is the freezer?

Big enough to hold 45 million pops

Does the freezer have its own atmosphere?

It does snow in the freezer when its humid outside